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Welcome to Prompting for Artists

This is the first comprehensive Prompting for Artists course designed to teach artists and creatives how to use text-to-image prompting systems effectively for their work. The focus for this course will be on using Midjourney as the text-to-image prompting engine.

In this course you can expect to learn:

  • The theory behind effective prompting and how systems like Midjourney actually work under the hood
  • All the details of powerful prompting techniques to help you squeeze the most out of Midjourney
  • Hundreds of prompts to achieve stunning visuals
  • How to achieve character and environment consistency across your images
  • How to apply Midjourney to professional workflows across fashion, advertising, film, and beyond

In addition to expository lessons describing how to make the most out of Midjourney, there will also be exercises that can be done in combination with the course to practice the skills learned.

By the time you're done with the class, you'll be an expert prompter ready to incorporate AI systems into any part of your creative work.

Oh, and one more thing, all the content is 100% free.

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This course is proudly designed by Luis Riancho and Mihail Eric.