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With the Pan control, we can extend our images in four directions (up, down, right, and left).

This provides us with great versatility when composing complex images, which would require prompts that are too long for Midjourney to interpret.

Where is it located?

After generating an image in Midjourney, at the bottom of the image, 4 buttons with arrows in different directions will appear. By pressing any of them, we will extend our image in the desired direction.

pan controls

Pan controls

Use case

The best way to understand how to get the most out of this feature is with an example. We are going to use the following prompt to create a 2D side-scrolling scene, ideal for platform video games, for instance.

2D scenario of a side-scrolling platformers videogame | pixel art | japanese city backdrops | triadic cherryblossom palette --ar 16:9 --s 150

2D scenario

2D scenario

Pan right

Let's extend our image to the right. To do this, we press the button ➡️.

pan right loading

Midjourney is expanding the image on the right side

And there you have it! Just like that, we have managed to extend our image.

pan right

Pan right

Continuing with panning

Once we choose an axis (left-right or up-down), we can only continue panning on that same axis. To have access to the 4 direction controls again, we first have to convert our image to square, using the "Make Square" control:

Make Square

Make Square

From here, you can iterate as many times as you want until you achieve the result you like the most.

Square image

Square image

Practice: Create a full-body image starting from a portrait

Final Objective:

From this prompt to create photographic portraits, create a full-body image.

portrait photograph of a blonde woman | bokeh | jungle background | polaroid shot --s 150
Bokeh + Polaroid tokens

Bokeh, the artistic blur effect in a photo, and Polaroid, synonymous with instant photography, can coexist in a composition. By using both tokens, we can generate prompts that yield a highly interesting and attractive visual effect.

Bokeh polaroid
Bokeh + polaroid

Possible Solution:


As you have seen in this lesson, we will use the pan function, in this case downward ⬇️, to extend the image until the full body of our model appears.

Solution 1
Pan down

In this case, the process would need to be repeated 2 times to obtain a full-body image.

Solution 2
Pan down x2


Whenever we wish to expand an image consistently, we can use pan, in any of the 4 directions that Midjourney offers.

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