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The Zoom function will allow us to zoom out our image in a controlled manner, filling the new spaces in harmony with the original image.

Where is it located?

After generating an image in Midjourney, at the bottom of the image, 3 zoom buttons will appear.

zoom controls

Zoom controls

Use case

The most effective approach to grasp how to maximize the potential of this feature is through an example. We will employ the provided prompt to generate an image of a car in the middle of a desert road, and then zoom it out.

red vintage car on desert road | low light | surrounded by mountains

vintage car

Vintage car on desert road

Zoom x1.5

We're going to zoom out the image using the Zoom x1.5 option. Simply click on the corresponding button.

zoom x1.5

Zoom x1.5

Midjourney will generate 4 results in which images will have gained depth.

zoom x1.5

Zoom x1.5

Zoom x2

Now we're going to do the same, but this time, x2.

zoom x2

Zoom x2

You'll notice that, in this case, the depth is greater.

zoom x2

Zoom x2

Custom Zoom

With Custom Zoom, the complexity increases slightly, but so do the possibilities.

By clicking on the corresponding button, a window will open where we can edit our prompt and assign the desired Zoom. Keep in mind that the range of values should be between 1.0 and 2.0. Let's try with 1.3.

custom zoom

Custom Zoom x1.3

In this case, the depth added is somewhat less than in the previous examples. Perfect for making fine adjustments to our images.

custom zoom examples

Custom Zoom example x1.3
Correcting the aspect ratio

On more than one occasion, we will generate images that we love, but perhaps due to an error or simply because we want to adapt them to a different aspect ratio, we will want to modify them.

This is where Custom Zoom plays a crucial role. Taking the previous reference image, we are going to adapt it to have a 16:9 aspect ratio without losing the original composition.

Simply click on Custom Zoom, change --ar to 16:9, and --zoom to 1. Simple and effective!

custom zoom aspect ratio
Correcting aspect ratio with custom zoom

custom zoom aspect ratio
Correcting aspect ratio with custom zoom

Practice: Modify the aspect ratio of an existing image

Final Objective:

Starting from the following prompt to create the perfect rib dish, use Custom Zoom to create an image with a 3:1 aspect ratio, based on the original.

brand creative photography | mouthwatering ribs with bbq sauce | commercials --s 750

Possible Solution:


As we just saw, we will click on Custom Zoom and, in this case, adjust the parameter --ar to 4:1, and --zoom to 1. This way, we will adjust the image as required!

Solution 1
Original image

Solution 1
Custom Zoom dialog

And here we have it!

Solution 1
Resulting image


The Zoom function will not only allow us to zoom out the image and create depth but will also help us adjust the aspect ratio of our images without altering the original.

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