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Marketing Prompting

This section will cover how to achieve high-quality product photography and on-brand content.1

This type of prompting is especially useful for creative photographers and marketers and can be used by many organizations including direct-to-consumer and consumer-packaged-goods brands.

We will provide a framework for generating any product marketing photos. To do so, we will employ a two-step process for creating optimized brand marketing content:

  • Generating the background image
  • Generating the main product image

The key to this framework will be additive prompting and the ability to create prompts that are modular and reusable.

To help illustrate this framework, let's walk-through the example of developing a shot for a new futuristic basketball sneaker release.

Generating Background Images

The first step of generating our optimal shot will be making a compelling background to overlay the featured product on. Here the goal is to create a high-quality image that provides solid color contrast for our product and isn't too busy.

The prompting template for these types of background images will be:

[composition] | [scene description] | [shot type]

In our case, since we are designing basketball sneakers let's generate a close-up of an epic-looking basketball court. Here's what that looks like:

clean composition, shadowy background | clean and empty basketball court floor | close-up commercial product photography

We'll also add the Midjourney parameters

--s 250 --style raw

which forces the generation to follow the prompt relatively closely while still allowing some artistic freedom.

When we run this prompt through our system we get the following background:

Close-up basketball court

Basketball court close-up

This is a good start!

Generating the Main Product Image

Now we'll create our main featured product: futuristic Nike basketball sneakers. We will want to get a solid close-up of our sneakers. Further we will seek to generate the sneakers on a clear background so it is easy to overlay the product onto our background.

The prompting template for these featured product images will be:

[product description] | [style] | [shot type]

When applied to our basketball sneakers this looks like:

futuristic nike basketball sneakers | product photo | high details, HD, on white background, shot with Kodak 200

It's important to add a good collection of shot type and style descriptors, emphasizing the image quality and the level of detail/angle of the shot.

Again we'll also add the Midjourney parameters

--s 250 --style raw

When we run this prompt through our system we get the following product image:

Close-up Nike basketball sneakers

Nike basketball sneakers close-up


Putting it Together

Now that we have a good basketball background and a slick set of new sneakers, we can overlay them easily using standard image software like Canva or Photoshop.

Close-up Nike basketball product shot

New Nike basketball sneakers product image

Practice: Futuristic Smartphone Prompts

Final Objective:

Create a product image for a futuristic smartphone concept. Remember to break the task up into prompting an appropriate background image and then prompting the main featured product.

Possible Solution:


Background Image

black background | the empty wooden cylinder shape of product display podium stand or blank backdrop dark abstract wall with smoke float | commercial product photography, tabletop photography  --s 250 --style raw

Smartphone background
Futuristic smartphone background

Main Product Image

futuristic smartphone | product photo | forward facing shot, high details, HD, on white background, shot with Kodak black 200 --s 750 --v 5.0

Futuristic smartphone
Futuristic smartphone

Putting it Together

Futuristic smartphone with background
Futuristic smartphone with background

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  1. Thanks to Salma for the marketing prompting inspiration and for making such great marketing content.